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Equipment Used

This practice has access to a wide range of equipment.

There are ice packs (cryo therapy)/ cold compresses, microwaveable hot packs or bean bags for heat therapy, and infrared heat can also be applied. Hot packs can also be bought directly from the practice, although they are available at most pharmacy outlets nowadays.

The practice has a chattanooga interferrential (IF) therapy unit, which also features TENS and ultrasound. It has mobile transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units which is battery operated (we can therefore treat you even if the electricity is off!). TENS is often indicated after abdominal surgery (paralytic ileus) to assist in starting up normal bowel movements again, but is also recommended for the treatment of pain. TENS can be prescibed on an out patient basis or can be used as a device by a patient independently from a physiotherapist as it can be clicked onto a belt or used at home for more chronic pain. Your physio will recommend the settings to be used to have the best effect for you.

Our ultrasound has both a pulsed and a continuous mode, which is standard to most ultrasound machines. A unilaser is available (infrared type low level light therapy), which is also rechargeable and can be operated when there is an electricity outage. Especially with acute oedema/ swelling, and acute pain where a patient can not tolerate normal touch, this type of electrotherapy may be of benefit.

This practice also has access to a lymphatic pump. The lymph pump is only recommended in conjunction with a massage for lymph drainange.

The practice has a mobile cervical as well as a mobile lumbar saunders traction unit. Traction can be very beneficial when indicated and out patient traction can save a lot of hospitalisation costs. Traction can be safely performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist. There are instances where hospital traction may be indicated and your physio will then refer you to an appropriate specialist for further management.

The practice also have the usual balance bord, aerex, medicine ball, pilates balls, theraband and light weights, exercise mats etc. for rehabilitation purposes. The practice at Rand Sport & Development is at the back of the Crossfit gym at Randburg High School and has a good work relationship with the box and the school and so has access to ample space which is a helpful feature during physical rehab.

The normal chest physiotherapy devices are also available, such as a compressor nebuliser, and a suction unit.

Although these practices are therefore very well equiped, manual physiotherapy is still mainly used. Please see the page on manual techniques available.


address Unit 105 A, Medical Suites, Office Top Floor, Corner of 95 Bram Fischer Drive & George Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg.

Location directions:
Take Republic off William Nicol Road, turn left in Bram Fisher drive, turn right into George street (3rd road on right) and Bram Fischer Complex is immediately on your left. Park anywhere and use lift or stairs to Office floor. Stairs are behind the cell phone shop on the shop floor.

Take Boundary Road off Malibongwe Drive. Turn left into Bram Fischer drive, turn left into the Bram Fischer Complex just after you pass the intersection at Will Scarlet Road, second shopping centre on your left just before George Road. Park anywhere, use lift or stairs behind the cell phone shop. Medical Suites are on the office floor.


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telephoneTel : 011 568 7669

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